Kapelki Art was born in 2016 out of the dreams of Galina, granddaughter of a treasured Russian artist, Yuri Vasnetsov. Yuri was born in the Russian town of Vyatka in 1900, but lived most of his life in St Petersburg, where he studied art and worked as an artist and illustrator. He illustrated over a hundred books of folk nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Vasnetsov even illustrated a book of English nursery rhymes, which was published in Russia during World War II. Vasnetsov’s art work is full of wonderful colours, and captures a childhood innocence that brings smiles to people’s faces.


Galina’s dream is to introduce her Grandfather’s magical art to the world and bring some playful happiness and colour to every day life. Each image is carefully selected and adapted by Galina in Kapelki Art’s studio in Bedford, England.

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Welcome to Kapelki Art and the Fairy Tale world of Yuri Vasnetsov and family, where colour and imagination flourish and bring something truly unique to our modern world.

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