Here you can take a peek into Kapelki Art story: little steps following a big dream.

 How Kapelki Art started:

This brings back so many memories and emotions. I think I'll pick a few...


Memory 1:

I'm young and beautiful. No kids in the picture yet. Mum and I are walking along a country road in Beloostrov near St.Petersburg. Mum's got a 'dacha' there. Dacha is a country house lots of Russians spend there weekends and holidays at, it usually have a fruit and vegetable garden. So there we are, walking, talking. I'm a bit nervous as I've wanted to talk to mum for a while now about this big idea I can't get out of my head. And I start talking, sharing ideas, dreams,vision of this big and wonderful future for her father's art. I'm not sure what mum is thinking of it all, if she believes that I am serious and I am actually going to do it. I can't read her reaction and it makes me more nervous...


Memory 2. A few years later. The idea is more real now and I've come to my aunt's flat to present it to her and seek her approval. Elizaveta is a passionate artist and person, very protective of her father's art and heritage. I discuss the name, logo, ideas of products and how I see it all develope in future. Yay! It goes well! She is on board and I can start bringing the idea into life.


Memory 3. 

Time goes. I live in England now. I've got 2 gorgeous kids and a rather amazing husband. I'm a full time mum. I have time to bring my idea to life  . Yes, I honestly thought I had time. Greeting cards were always planned to be the first step. Living in England where the tradition of giving and sending cards is a beautiful tradition that is carried on by all generations, well it was a logical start.

So I've got a few first cards printed. I am ready to conquer the world . What to do next to follow my grand dream? Shops... I need to try and find shops, show the designs, get the real feedback, maybe if I am lucky stock the cards in one. Well. I was lucky! Despite a huge mistake of walking into shops to talk to shop owners without an appointment and on a weekend!(awful mistake!) The whole new level of being nervous, red and embarrassed talking about my grandfather, his art, his story. And you know what! I was lucky! You took my cards for a trial and it worked, these wonderful shops always have my cards since then. Thank you for giving me and my dream a chance that day! It meant a lot and I needed it so much! 


So these are a few very important starting points for me and Kapelki Art. Thank you for being interested and reading!!!

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