Dear Kapelki Art followers,


Hope you are keeping well and safe in these strange times. 

There are a lot of challenges we face in lockdown. For me personally, it's been tricky to keep my kids entertained while I try to get some work done. My kids love colouring and drawing, so I made a colouring page for them. It was a great success, even the rest of the family joined in, sharing their creations over WhatsApp and Zoom. It's incredible how much fun we've managed to have with just one page. So I thought I'd share it with you all. Hope you and your kids have some fun!

Use your imagination and add some details:

                                                                What clothes is your squirrel wearing?

                                                                What is in his basket? 

Choose from two options depending on what you love doing more: colouring or adding your own details to the picture...

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