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Kapelki Art

Kapelki Art is a brand born from the dreams of Galina Pagliaro, youngest granddaughter of a treasured Russian artist, Yuri Vasnetsov. Mother of two and English Teacher, Galina set about bringing the magic of Vasnetsov’s art to the rest of the world and produced the first of a collection of greetings cards in February 2016. Since then the collection has been growing all the time and now includes a wide selection of greeting cards, stationery, gifts and homewares featuring not only Yuri Vasnetsov's art work, but also his daughter's, Elizaveta Vasnetsova's, and Galina's own pieces. 


foto Vasnetsov and wife.jpg
Yuri Vasnetsov with his wife, Galina Vasnetsova

Yuri Vasnetsov, treasured Russian artist, is most famous for his wonderful illustrations to Russian nursery rhymes and fairytales. His bright bold style is strikingly simple at first sight, but doesn’t scrimp on detail at closer inspection. The images take us away from the stresses of modern life and into a magical fairy tale world where cats and squirrels wear boots and bring flowers, characters dwell in gingerbread houses with curly windows and roofs, and seasons come alive and take hold of our senses.

       You can read more about Yuri Vasnetsov        

Busy country cabin.jpg
yuri vasnetsov, hare with flowers.jpg
Yuri Vasnetsov, Three bears. Goldilocks.
Yuri Vasnetsov. Composition with a Violi
Yuri Vasnetsov. Still Life with Vyatka T
Elizaveta Vasnetsova (elder daughter, born 1937)

Elizaveta Vasnetsova is also a very talented artist. Watching her father at work she realised that painting was also her passion. She finished Art School, then the Academy of Arts. Painting has always been her life. Inspired by the endless beauty of countryside and folk art, Elizaveta creates images full of warmth, kindness and her love of nature.

You can read more about Elizaveta Vasnetsova               

Elizaveta Vasnetsova, Dandelions.jpg
Elizaveta Vasnetsova. Flowers on the Tab
Elizaveta Vasnetsova. Baby in a Cradle.j

 Natalia Filipchenko ( younger daughter, born 1939)


Natalia is a loving daughter, sister, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. All her life she has always been putting others before herself, giving everyone around her love, help and support. It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that she is a rock for everyone in the family. An engineer by trade and the head of the family, Natalia never had time for herself. In the recent years she started painting and it is something she loves with all her heart. Being inspired by simple things around her, Natalia creates wonderful paintings and has developed her own unique style.

Natalia Filipchenko, Vasnetsov's daughte
Natalia Filipchenko, Vasnetsov's daughte
Natalia Filipchenko, Vasnetsov's daughte

Galina Pagliaro (youngest granddaughter, born 1980)

Galina Pagliaro, Vasnetsov's granddaught

Galina was born in Leningrad (now St Petersburg), worked as a teacher in Russia and the Czech Republic, then became a full-time mother. In 2016 her young family moved to Bedford, England, where Galina brought her long-held dream to life and set up Kapelki Art.

"Growing up with Grandfather's art, admiring his incredible talent and inspired by his imagination and use of colour, I couldn't resist painting for myself and now for my kids. With encouragement from my family, I'm bravely sharing my own pieces among the Kapelki Art collection."

Galina Pagliaro, Vasnetsov's granddaught
Galina Pagliaro, Vasnetsov's granddaught
Galina Pagliaro, Vasnetsov's granddaught
Galina Pagliaro, Vasnetsov's granddaught

The dream is to continue the family's heritage and passion for painting by introducing more people to Yuri Vasnetsov's wonderful fairytale style; giving new life to his unique illustrations and paintings; adding his daughters' art and my own little pieces to Kapelki Art's growing collections; and hope that the youngest generation of our family will be inspired by Vasnetsov's infectious passion for colour and painting.

Natalia Filipchenko, Vasnetsov's daughte
Elizaveta Vasnetsova. Sleeping foxes ill
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