Kapelki Art is a publisher born from the dreams of Galina Pagliaro, granddaughter of a treasured Russian artist, Yuri Vasnetsov. Mother of two and English Teacher, Galina set about bringing the magic of Yuri’s art to the rest of the world and came up with the first of a collection of greetings cards focussing on carefully selected elements and entire works of her grandfather. His bright bold style is strikingly simple at first sight, but doesn’t scrimp on detail at closer inspection. The images take us away from the stresses of modern life and into a magical fairy tale world where cats and squirrels wear boots and bring flowers, characters dwell in gingerbread houses with curly windows and roofs, and seasons come alive and take hold of our senses.

Although the name may not mean much to the average Brit, Galina chose Kapelki Art to reflect the history and style of Yuri’s art, as in Russian the word kapelki means drops. His images contain little drops that make flowers and trees seemingly shine in the morning dew and bring a real sense of movement and life to the characters.  Quite simply, there are drops of magic in his work which bring a gentle touch to his bold colourful style and help the images to speak to us as though we were children again.

Galina says “The tradition of giving and receiving beautiful greetings cards in the UK has always impressed me and something I’ve never seen anywhere else, so when we moved back from Europe to be closer to my husband’s family, it was the perfect opportunity to make a dream come true. I want people to enjoy and cherish his work and feel the way I have growing up”. The cards are perfect for any occasion and bring joy, colour and something truly unique.

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