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Elizaveta  Vasnetsova

Yuri's elder daughter, Elizaveta, is a painter and children's books illustrator whose love and passion for Nature and its beauty can be seen in every bouquet, every flower and every blade of grass she has painted. The Bouquet range is based on her wonderful art work.

“Is it even possible to compare anything created by mankind with a simple blade of grass or a little flower beneath our feet? Nature is invaluable. Every little blade is pure perfection in every way. Sometimes we don’t realise and don’t see the treasures around us, the variety of form and colour of grass, flowers, leaves, trunks and branches. The forest is a sacred place, a cathedral where I can roam tirelessly, observe, think and enjoy the harmony of nature. When I am in the countryside among the beautiful fields and forests, I am always drawn to the grass and flowers. I pick and arrange them, with colour, shape and texture in mind; I imagine how I’ll paint them. I put the arrangements in simple vases and simply paint, paint, paint.”

                                                                                                                        Elizaveta Vasnetsova

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